Orange Shiny Fabric

Shreya Vasudevan

Close-Up Shot of an Apricot

Art Photographer

Capturing the beauty of art is an artform in itself. Let's collaborate!

Meet Natalia

Portrait of Woman with Flowers and Dramatic Lighting

I am a 21-year-old aspiring professional photographer based in San Diego, California.

As a freelancer, I mainly photograph still life and portraits.

A Look at My Work

In these still-life photographs from a test shoot, I played with color, lighting, and contrasts. All shots were directed by me.

Yellow works well with natural lighting.

Yellow Fruits on a Textile
Fresh Fruits in Close-up Photography

The different shades of red pop against a plain background.

Close-ups from a portrait shoot

Woman in Yellow Dress Lying Down on the Floor
A Person Holding an Orange Flower

More scenes from a portrait shoot

A Woman Holding Yellow Flowers with Her Eyes Closed
Overhead Shot of a Glass of Wine and a Glass of Champagne

Playing with shadows and shades

Woman with an Orange
Orange Fruits and Bottles

Editorial shots for an online publication

Woman Lying on Bed with Dramatic Lighting
Portrait of Woman with Flowers and Dramatic Lighting

"The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer."

What My Clients Say

A Woman in Yellow Dress while Holding Flowers

A joy to work with!

For such a young photographer, Natalia is extremely professional and knows what she's doing. I can't wait to work with her again!

Donda Breyerton

Woman with an Orange

Professional and beautiful!

The pictures came out beautifully. Natalia worked with us every step of the way and really brought our vision to life. Our campaign was a success!

Honoria Ellson

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Back of Woman with Shadow of a Hand